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Employment in pet boarding

The pet care industry is a wonderful and rewarding environment in which to work! It can be dirty and smelly, it is often quite hard and physical but it is always gratifying!

Who is suitable to work in the Pet Boarding Industry?

A genuine love of animals is obviously a great start, but some may not know it is quite a physical vocation. It is important to be healthy and physically fit and strong. Basic animal care knowledge is advantageous – that could be years of caring for your own pets or in another pet care facility.
Obviously the pet care industry is a seven day a week business. Animals require care on weekends and public holidays and it is essential that prospective animal care attendants are available to work seven days a week and be available for early starts and late finishes.
Kennel and Cattery owners / managers will look favourably on applicants who have their own reliable transport. Kennels and Catteries are generally not in suburbia, so applicants should not rely on public transport.


Formal qualifications are generally not necessary to begin working in the animal care industry. However, a love of animals, positive attitude and the ability to work in a team environment are key attributes all kennel / cattery owners will look for.

There are a few institutions that offer vocational courses in the animal care industry

You may wish to discuss with your employer which courses would be suitable.

Working as an animal attendant, groomer, receptionist or a manager in a boarding facility is a rewarding and enriching vocation for any animal lover! The association recommends you contact the boarding facility direct to register your interest in gaining employment.

Good luck!