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How to choose a kennel, cattery, doggy day care or trainer.

The first thing to do is visit their website if they have one or phone the business and ask a few questions including their business hours. If it is a kennel or cattery ask if they allow inspections and then go and have a look if possible. Some businesses have very good websites and this can be done online.

Booking and Holiday availability

School holidays and long weekends are the busiest periods especially Easter & Christmas. Most kennels and cattery’s will book out months in advance for Easter & Christmas, so you need to book well ahead and many require a deposit with firm dates to secure a booking. Most other times throughout the year vacancies are available from one week to the next but it is always best to book in ahead.

My pet is old, will he be accepted for boarding and will he be ok?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions to answer as it depends not only on the age but also the health and temperament of the individual pet, and the time of year you are boarding. For example school holidays are busy times and older pets, particularly dogs, may not cope or enjoy it as well and the kennel or cattery may not be able to provide the extra level of care that an aged pet may require. Most kennels and cattery’s will accept aged pets providing you understand and except the risk that the inevitable may happen whilst your pet is boarding with them. They may require you to provide clear written instructions of what to do in the event of those circumstances happening and some may charge a small fee for the extra work involved with older pets. If a pet has been boarding regularly at the same place for several years they are most likely to cope very well in their familiar surroundings and we know of pets up to 17 years and older that still enjoy being boarded.

My pet is not desexed, will he be accepted for boarding?

Most kennels and cattery’s prefer that pets be desexed and many will not accept them if they are not. Those that do accept them may charge an additional fee for the extra work as they are more active than desexed pets and they need to be kept separate. No kennel or cattery can guarantee to keep them separate as the female will make things very difficult if they come into season whilst in the boarding facility and the males will go to extraordinary lengths to visit them.

Ask your local kennel or cattery about what they will accept.

What vaccinations are required and how old must my pet be before it is accepted for boarding?

Most kennels and cattery’s require all dogs and cats be up to date with their annual vaccinations and generally a C5 for dogs and a F3/F4 for cats is accepted, this includes puppy’s and kittens having had their 3rd initial vaccination. If the annual vaccinations are due it is best to have them done at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.0

Generally dogs and cats must be around 5 months of age before being accepted, how ever some kennels and cattery’s may accept them after their 2nd vaccination depending what their 2nd vaccination was.

You will need to contact your kennel or cattery and ask for their vaccination requirements.

Thinking of going into business in the industry?

We have membership available for people looking to get into business in the industry with access to information and contacts within the industry along with help and assistance from fellow members. Take a look at the benefits of membership from our membership page and download membership application.

How much does boarding cost?

Just like motels this varies between different locations and the standard of accommodation offered, such as Luxury Suites. Unlike people motels which charge per night, generally boarding rates are charged per day. Standard boarding rates for dogs start from around $30, and cats from $25, with luxury suites varying from around $65. Other costs to consider are for additional services such as hydrobaths, playtime and extra care with medications and special feeds and holiday pricing. Some of these are included and some are extra.

Ask your kennel or cattery about their fees and charges.